XMAS 1.6

Last year, I did a quite nice but spectacularily unsuccessful competition for a new embassy building in Sudan. I had the XMAS 1.5 roughmix with me and played it over and over again on the office’s stereo. At last, my colleague was wondering, what was going on.

So I told her. And to take away the mys(t)ery, this is year,
I tell you all:

Mandate (My Ass)
Gil-Scott Heron has known it all along.
It might be soothing: in the end Bill surfaced with a big hunk o’love.

Haldayn fre si du scheiser
I don’t remember when I crossed schleckysilberstein but he posted this beautiful tune which basically gives a perfect opener and quick recap of the year.

I Love It
I loved this classic Punk Rock tune, instantly.
My kids, too.
Hell, I’m Gen X!

Oh Well. The Prince now flatshares with The King and his son-in-law in Jackson Hole, WY.
Let’s Rock’n’Roll – Fuck, yes.
(And it reminds me of my encounter with a school of dolphins off the Mexican coast.
Boy, they were talking a lot.)

Can’t stop the feeling
This year’s ESC feature.
Justin’s 2nd XMAS appearance.
Fantastic show.
Fantastic band.
God on drums (see 42:40).

Everybody Knows
Robin McKelle isn’t necessarily my most favourite singer. Anyhow, looking for Mr. Cohen I stumbled upon this in my itunes library and liked it somehow.

Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick
The vernissage @v-a-i was remarkable.
Free magazines.
Free wine.
Free music.
Free whatever.

The Escape
We held a karaoke night at my appartment.
The neighbours complained soon (I do have a rather high tessitura). The next night our new house-warming student neighbours were expelled from their appartment by the police and moved collectively  through the streets while chanting “If you like Pina Collada“.
I felt both, prideful & embarrased.

Es rappelt im Karton
I don’t know. The kids love the song, probably first heard it on Antenne Vorarlberg.
I love the girls, too.

You might think
The Cars have been a cool band all along.
I binge-watched the new CBS series BrainDead which might explain.  After downloading from itunes my son came in and chanted along the music (it’s in the credits of Cars II).

Salat & Kuchen
Since a couple of years now, there has been an online betting game with colleagues and friends.
Introducing a special WhatsApp group this time, a  good friend of mine accidentially posted Salat & Kuchen.
But thinking about it…this must have been intentional:
She always wanted to become a star of the XMAS franchise.

All I Ask
Smithy actually IS a great singer.
Well, and the girl he gives a ride as well.

Elvis’s Rolls Royce
Another corpse  along the way.
I like his theory on aging (see 1:28).
Boom. Boom. Akalakaka. Boom.

Horace & Pete
This year started with LuisCK’s absolutely extraordinary online show Horace & Pete.
How I admire Paul Simon.
He’s been part of the vanguard of cultural achievements for generations now.

Meet our new house-guest, Mr. Korg.
Relax for a moment during intermission – at this point you made it half way through.

Freedoms Call
“Deal from strength or get crushed every time”.

“Wir müssen die Ängste der Menschen ernst nehmen.”

Previously on BrainDead
Awestruck, I hold this in highest esteem.

Feliz Navidad
Christmas in Oaxaca.
Well, our German christmas songs seemed a bit out of place.

El Chubasco
(disclosure: my brother-in-law made the cover)

Oaxaca Rincon Colonial
We did a tour in a tourist bus in Oaxaca.
They played and sold the music on board.

Da Mensch in mir (The Man In Me)
Now if Bob becomes a Nobel Laureate there’s really nothing much left to do.
Maybe just think of Ambros.
Or The Dude.
Or both.

Duel of the Fates
This year’s trombone feature.
Christopher Bill is excellent.
And somehow Darth Maul has been around, too.

This year’s 2nd brass feature.
Although I usually detest brass-bands this one is great.
Thanks Goggi.

Loved By You
Ach. I love spotify!
While working for Mitch, this beautiful tune came along.
This year’s female vocal feature.

Just Pretend
There’s simply no way of ruining The King.
Just listen to this.
And Helene, you’ll never be no Cathy Westmoreland.
Lord have mercy.

Porn 2B Alive
Andrzej sings from the love in the world.
Also a reminder of the Schnorres I wore this year.

Peace on Earth
So Mr. Jones died, too.
I’m particularily fond of his hairstyle on this duett with a butler who looks like a retired 007. He was quite funny, too.
Still, I might have to check him out of the itunes random playlist.

Yeah but No
We always knew.
And btw here is what really happened in that locker room.

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